The Back WoRX Testimonials

“I cannot recommend Muscle Eze highly enough! Neil is the best at what he does. I was dealing with severe sciatic pain from a herniated disc and tried this after weeks of massage therapy and pain medication with little to no relief. After a few sessions with Neil, he was able to figure out exactly what was causing my sciatic pain and which manipulations would make it better. Each time he would do something slightly different, and we discussed whether it made the pain better, worse, or had no impact. In a matter of weeks, I went from hobbling around not being able to do things like use the stairs or even sit comfortably to having complete relief from the sciatic pain in my left leg without using any medication. Muscle Eze is the very first place I would recommend for someone dealing with this type of pain.”

Mark Wilson

“I can not begin to describe how AMAZING it is to wake up each morning with no neck pain. I had tried chiropractic help and massage therapy with little to no avail. Literally within the first session with Neil I had relief. Truly, truly thankful.”

Shaelyn Summer

“I’ve been experiencing pain and stiffness in my arms and hands and was concerned it was something serious, irreversible or required surgery to correct. After 1 session with Neil at Muscleeze the pain and stiffness were gone for a solid 3 weeks. I believe with regular visits every 3-4 weeks I will remain pain free and possibly reverse the cause – without drugs or surgery. Definitely a win in my book!”

Charlene L. Parlett

“I have been a massage therapist and bodyworker for over 30 years. I have never in my life had an experience like this in my life. Neil was kind enough to make a house call as I couldn’t get away from work. The technique he uses, I believe it’s called the Rosseter Technique, gave me almost instantaneous relief to a hip problem I’ve had for years. I have seen him many times since. He is courteous, respectful, and beyond professional. I will return again and again and I highly recommend him and his services.”

Gaetano Cannata

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Linda Garris

“This was a great experience! Neil pinpointed the exact spot that troubled me. He knows his business! It was a quick and easy appointment. I felt stronger and more balanced after this appointment. I would recommend him. He is very knowledgeable.”

Jeff Kalaman

“The Back WorX session was great. In 10 minutes I had relief from the sciatic nerve pain, it has been 2 weeks and still pain free. Great new program to get you in and out very quickly with positive results!”