Do you have back, hip or sciatic pain?

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Most people with low back pain spend $1000’s on physical therapy, chiropractic, decompression, injections etc. with minimal relief –

The Back Worx targets the right muscle groups where back, hip and sciatic pain starts!

Neil is a master at figuring out the root cause of your soft tissue issues. He is a great educator of his patients and speaks to a way anyone can understand. As a chiropractic physician in the area, I refer my patients his way to help release the stubborn facia and muscle tension.
Dr. Heather Crawford
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About The BackWorx

Here at The BackWorx, we specialize in ONE thing; Pain-Relief. This is no fluffy day spa! We don’t provide “cookie-cutter” routines. Instead, we will develop a SPECIFIC therapy protocol that will improve your unique condition.
We focus on the root cause of the pain. Our highly trained therapists are here to work with your individual needs. If you’ve tried all other types of therapy with little to no results, you’ve found the right place.


People with back, hip or sciatic pain. Whether you have back pain, hip pain, have pain shooting down the leg, walk with a limp, we can help.

If your pain stops you from living life and have tried other therapies but you still have pain, we can help… because we are different!



Chiropractic adjustments focus on joints. The problem is, each joint has a muscle attached to it. If a joint is stuck and you free it with an adjustment, it’s only temporary if you don’t address the tight muscle groups attached to it.

Physical therapy focuses on stretching and strengthening muscles. The problem is, strengthening a tight muscle group may make the problem worse.

At Back Worx, we reverse engineer pain patterns and focus on tight muscle groups that cause pain.



Unless you were in a car accident or fell off a ladder, most people can’t pinpoint why they’re experiencing pain. Habits are generally the reason aches and pains come out of nowhere. Once we help get you out of pain, movement and maintenance is the key to staying pain free.

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About Neil Holmes

I graduated from Massage Therapy program at Manatee Technical College in 2006 and have been in practice ever since. Over the last 15 plus years, I’ve discovered how to reverse engineer pain patters to identify what muscle groups are the root cause the issue. When your back hurts, it’s rare that it actually starts there. How many times have you rubbed where it hurts and nothing change? Here at the BackWorx, we are pain pattern specialists and have helped 1000’s of people get the relief they’re looking for.

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