Chronic Pain Management: Who To See to Relieve Low Back Pain

Chronic Pain Management: Who To See to Relieve Low Back Pain

November 9, 2022

I see you. You’re suffering from chronic back pain. You’ve been to the doctor and through massage therapy several times only to have no relief. Heck, your pain may even be worse now than it was before! You’ve already used up all of your massage therapy sessions, and now, you’ll have to go back to the doctor to be referred again. And the vicious cycle continues. So, I ask you to think about this – is going to see your doctor for back pain relief and chronic pain management really worth it? And, do you think they feel any urgency to get you better?

Countless doctor and massage therapy appointments are benefitting from your insurance company more than you. We want to provide you with real pain relief from your first appointment.

Insurance – The Good

We never know when an emergency will happen. A sudden late night emergency can have you in over your head for thousands of dollars. And no one wants to worry about how to pay a hospital bill while they’re sick.

Having health insurance is a wonderful asset to have for those sudden emergencies, days when you wake up feeling terribly sick, or even when you need a simple prescription. Depending on your insurance and what your plan covers, you’ll acquire little to no expense for these bumps in the road. Or maybe you have a plan with a deductible. Even having to pay out of pocket until you’ve reached your deductible is far less than you’d pay without that plan there. Let’s face it, without insurance, your out of pocket cost will be much, much higher.

While having insurance is beneficial in these circumstances, it’s not the best option for all of our health issues.

We’re not interested in fueling insurance companies. The Back WoRX is dedicated to finding the source of your back pain from the first appointment.

Insurance – The Bad

When we’re in pain, our instinct is to fix it. But more times than not, the pain persists; so we go visit the doctor. The doctor tries to help in the ways they know how – first off, by giving you medication. This usually consists of a couple different medications – a pain killer, an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer. You’re sent on your merry way right back home. But, this cocktail of medication only masks the pain and you’re awake in the middle of the night when the medication wears off in pain once again. Or, perhaps you’re waking up stiff and unable to move well in the morning. Neither one of these situations is ideal when you’re trying to manage chronic pain.

So, back to the doctor you go, this time coming out with a referral for 10-12 massage therapy sessions. Yet, 10-12 sessions later, you’re still in pain. And the vicious cycle between the doctor and massage therapy continues. Unfortunately, at this point, you’re spending a lot of money and getting no results. However, this is a plus for your doctor and massage therapist. They aren’t bothered by this situation because the more times you go back to see them, the more insurance money they receive. Although you’re in pain, your provider isn’t going to stress about finding you relief quickly because they’re benefiting financially. It sucks, I know.

Seeking help for back pain through your insurance doesn’t always get you the results you need. The Back WoRX can help!

Urgent Situations

Many people have asked why we don’t accept insurance here at The Back WoRX and it’s quite simple. We understand that your time and money are important. And, you shouldn’t have to spend months on end visiting doctors for chronic pain management and not getting results. While doctors don’t worry about how long it takes to relieve your pain, we do! We want to benefit you and help you feel better fast! That’s why we use the Back WoRX system to trace your pain to its source and get you some relief from your very first appointment.

I know we’ve talked about this concept before – Where your pain starts and where you feel it are usually 2 different places. The Back WoRX system reverse engineers your pain, letting us work backward from where you’re feeling it to where it starts – providing you with real chronic pain relief. Want to find out more? Visit us at and schedule your consultation today.

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